Wifi Controller 
Our controller is developing from IR,2.4Giga Hertz to Wifi today,by which you can sent the intensity of the spectrum from 1% to 99% via any IOS and Android devices freely.

Modular Design

Revolutionary design specially for DIY,replace the single LED and optical lens freely. Easy for maintenance......

Build your own fixture by Aqua Sanrise

Human Design,Prouduct design,not all lamp beads arrangement mounted on a circuit board,but is divided into a few panels,if one lamp beads on a circuit board is broken, you just put a piece of circuit board which can be changed, very environmentally friendly.

We also offer one to one replacement lamp beads service, plug and play, very convenient!



We created the 90 degree and 120 degree secondary optical lens in the CREE LED chips by making our own tooling, which will be able to mimic optimal growing range for the corals and plants.

60 degree, 90 degree and 120 degree are available according to your specific requirement.


We use the best CREE LED chips for the best Sanrise aqurium light. XTE, XPE and Osram are avaiable in our fixtures.


Zaquarium was borned for PRACTICALITY.

A fixture means nothing if it cannot provide the correct photosynthesis to your corals and plants. All the other features, including the shape, cost, weight, power and function control, mean nothing without the correct spectrum to your articles. Product comparison between Sanrise R60 and other corresponding rival products.

Enjoy your lighting & Enjoy your life. The aesthetics of aquarium lighting is one of the key areas overlooked by many when creating an aquarium that stands out and creates an impact within the space. Lighting is an integral part of any aquarium design creating mood and ambiance as well as reflecting colour and movement. The four key things that we need to consider when creating an aquarium lighting scheme are: positioning- where the aquarium is brightly lit, Timing-when the aqurium is brightly lit, Color- What hue or combination of hues will dominate the display, and intensity with the right type of lighting you vary its intensity by decreasing or increasing the focal spread of a lighting source creating diffrerent effects without the aquarium.

(100-240V) Input Voltage

100-240V AC power input. 50/60HZ working frequency, suitable for global residential engengy environment. Sanrise is designed to be used globally, you will have peace of mind by knowing this light is a universal suitable equipment.